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We aren't just another Chevrolet, GMC and Buick dealership. We have been serving Alberta and the surrounding areas for more than half a century. In order to deliver our promise of making a customer's experience easy at Wolfe Calgary, we make it easy for our employees. We offer training, opportunities for advancement, and a competitive compensation and benefits program. At Wolfe Calgary, you're not just another employee, you're part of our family.

Great Benefits include

  • Family friendly hours & schedule
  • Great work environment
  • Competitive benefits package
  • Competitive pay plans
  • Industry leading products
  • Opportunities for advancement
  • Training programs
  • RRSP contribution plan
  • Family owned & operated

Experience the Wolfe Automotive difference and join our family. Open positions are listed below, or you can submit your resume for consideration when positions become available using the form below.

Current Openings

Executive Assistant

Role Summary

Reporting directly to the President, the Executive Assistant provides executive support in a one-on-one working relationship. The Executive Assistant serves as the primary point of contact for internal and external constituencies on all matters pertaining to the Office of the President. The Executive Assistant also serves as a liaison to the board of directors and senior management members; organizes and coordinates executive outreach and external relations efforts; and oversees special projects. The Executive Assistant must be creative and enjoy working within a small, entrepreneurial environment that is mission-driven, results-driven and community oriented. The ideal individual will have the ability to exercise good judgment in a variety of situations, with strong written and verbal communication, administrative, and organizational skills, and the ability to maintain a realistic balance among multiple priorities. The Executive Assistant will have the ability to work independently on projects, from conception to completion, and must be able to work under pressure at times to handle a wide variety of activities and confidential matters with discretion.

Role Summary


  • The Ability to Manage Up - at its core, “managing up” means protecting an executive’s time and focus. Email Management - by maintaining a clean inbox for your executive, you’ll instantly save them dozens of hours per month.
  • Calendar Management - with a busy and complex schedule, maintaining a well-functioning calendar can be like playing a 4D game of Tetris. The reality is there is no hard line between personal and business. It just never ends! But getting everything scheduled including date night with their spouse or personal days off is only one small part of proper calendar management. By managing up, the simple calendar can become a productivity powerhouse.
  • Travel Management - often the Executive Assistant needs to take on the role of an entire travel agency, booking flights, hotels, rental cars, and more. This is another great area where managing up comes in really handy. It’s easy to simply hand a business leader a list of flights and hotels for them to choose from, but a great Executive Assistant will take it to the next level by learning their preferences and proactively recommending a complete itinerary.
  • Meeting Management –you have an exceptional ability to:
    • a.Ensure every meeting has a clear purpose, and all attendees are aware of the ideal meeting outcome.
    • b.With the exception of brainstorming or personal catchup times, meetings should have clear agendas and a clear owner who will ensure all topics get covered.
    • c.Meetings should always start and end on time. If an attendee is late, they’ll learn for next time! And if certain attendees are taking up more talk time than they should, great EAs know how to corral the conversation back and tee up quieter contributors for success. And if they aren’t in the room, a good EA will help support their executive in doing the above.
    • d.Draft concise meeting minutes including highlighting commitments.
    • e.Communicate commitments to appropriate recipients and follow up on actionable commitments prior to follow up meeting.
    • f.Advise the president on achievement or outcome.
  • Project Management – project management comes as second nature whereby you simply break larger, complex goals down into smaller ones and ensuring that everything (and everyone) stays organized and on track to meet it.
  • Written Communication – from travel itineraries to event planning to responding to emails effectively when ghost-writing as your executive, having top-notch writing skills is an absolute must!
  • Emotional Intelligence - it’s crucial to understand and intuit how your client is feeling during certain situations. Paying attention to your executive’s needs is crucial for understanding how you can make their work easier—and more effective. Emotional intelligence isn’t all about paying attention to your executive though; it also means being able to effectively communicate with them (and others) as well. A large part of an EA’s job is to ensure that their executive is staying on-task—and there is definitely a right way and a wrong way to prod your clients to stay focused!
  • Strategic Thinking – proactively considering how a decision or process will affect the whole organization is an absolute necessity when working as an EA.
  • Proactivity & Anticipating Needs - being proactive and anticipating client needs is another key skill in becoming a truly effective Executive Assistant. Whether it’s noting your clients preferences around meetings or looking up local hospitals that take their insurance before a big business trip, thinking proactively and anticipating your client’s needs makes their life and work easier—and that’s the name of the game!
  • Composure Under Pressure - working well under crunch time is another essential part of the executive assistant skill set. Thankfully, this is where most EAs shine the brightest!
  • Tech Savvy - most of the platforms used to manage business today are digital, whether it’s a calendar or email or a project or prepare a power point presentation on behalf of the President. So being able to troubleshoot the technical side of things is and will always be incredibly important!
  • Social Media Guru - manage social media platforms including LinkedIn.
  • Organization Skills - no EA can function well without a great innate sense of organization. It trickles down into many different realms of EA work, and is absolutely essential
  • Professional Discretion - practice discretion both within your company and externally, and you’ll build trust with your executive for the long haul.
  • Smart Multitasking - there are always multiple irons in the fire. The ability to quickly prioritize which needs the most attention first not only helps an EA be more efficient in their work, it also makes the work easier for them too in the long run.
  • Gatekeeping and Negotiating Skills - your job is to find creative ways to get what your executive needs done, in the most efficient way possible. EAs are miracle workers in this regard–but it can take from negotiating and diplomacy skills. Another strong component of being an executive assistant is gatekeeping the President’s time. After all, saving executives’ time is why the profession exists! Being able to effectively protect your President’s schedule—sometimes from the executive themselves—is almost like a fine art.
  • General Resourcefulness - bring a “I can do this” mentality to their work and are confident in their ability to make it happen. And if they can’t, they proactively recommend an alternative solution that still results in success for themselves, and their executive.

What’s in it for you?

  • Competitive compensation structure including extended health care coverage, health spending account, etc.
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Employee Vehicle Purchase Prices
  • Service & Parts Employee Pricing
  • Stability – Wolfe has been in the industry for over 100 years
  • The opportunity to be part of the Wolfe Pack.

Interested and qualified applicants should e-mail a cover letter and resume to resumes@wolfeautomotive.com and include Executive Assistant” in the subject line. This position will remain open until a right candidate is hired. All applications will be reviewed; however, only the most suitable applicants will be contacted.

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