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Access to the Outdoors and Athletics

Registered charities who' vision and mission open the outdoors to all and make recreational activities accessible to all skill and ability levels. They recognize the positive impact sport and recreation have on physical and mental health.

Children and their Families

Registered charities who's vision and mission improve the lives of children facing a challenge and support their families through the process. This may include organizations centred around health, education or other key areas of child development and family life.

Women's Education and Leadership

Registered charities who's mission and vision support women's empowerment through education and leadership. This can be creating spaces where women are encouraged to diversify their skillset, receive training to advance to leadership roles, or collectives where women can seek support.

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The Wolfe Pack Warriors Foundation is always accepting new ideas for local organizations to support. To be considered the organization must be a registered charity, fit at least one of the three pillars, and have an impact within Alberta.

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