Apple CarPlay is a newer piece of technology that allows you to focus on the road, but still stay connected to your busy lifestyle. The Apple CarPlay feature is the ultimate copilot for your daily drive. Available on most General Motors models, CarPlay takes the things you want to do on your commute and displays them in the car's built-in touchscreen display. You can set up navigation, take and make calls, plus send text messages safely while keeping your hands free. Just connect your iPhone and go!


1. Siri - Feature one to enhance your drive is the ability to use Siri voice control which is specifically designed to make your life easy with a virtual assistant. CarPlay also works with your car's control - Knobs, buttons, touchscreen and compatible mobile applications such as Waze, weather and Apple Maps.

2. Apple Maps - The ability and simplicity of using Apple Maps is at your fingertips. Before you drive to your destination you can set up your route on your factory touchscreen display. Or use Siri to configure your route. You can search along your route and set a way point by saying "Siri, where is the nearest coffee shop?" Siri will send the navigation instructions right to your vehicle!

3. Phone - Keep your hands free so you are focused on your driving. Simple click Siri and ask to return missed calls, listen to voicemails or send a text message. All you have to do, is simply ask Siri to complete the task. CarPlay will take care of the rest!

4. Apple Music - Enjoy hands free selection of your best music with the touch of your voice control button. Your music selection from Apple Music or from iTunes plus additional audio apps will be at your command by asking Siri to play a genre, playlist, or artist.

5. Mobile Apps - Do you have a favorite navigation app or podcast application? You can use compatible apps to make your daily drive fun again! Apple CarPlay has got you covered. Use apps including Audio books, Podcasts, IHeartRadio, WhatsApp, Spotify, Slacker radio, and Amazon Music! The options are endless.


Apple CarPlay is a feature that can add value to your lifestyle by making driving safe, entertaining and class leading using your mobile device. Just connect your iPhone and start using these features today!



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